Welcome to our Coffee Shop

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Coffee Blends.

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About us

The DemoCoffeeSite was founded in 1997 by Jim Bean. Mr Bean had just completed a degree in International Development from Oxford University and had learned about the incredible exploitation happening in the coffee market and about the beginnings of a Fair Trade Movement hoping to make a difference.

The first Demo Coffee Site location opened in Arnprior in a small house with one room for roasting, one for sales, and one for seating. With the growth of the wholesale business, roasting operations moved to a small commercial location a couple of years later. In 2005, Demo Coffee Site relocated to Almonte and reopened the café part of the business with a production area in the back. We are now one of the biggest and best coffee sites around!

“ Here at the DemoCoffeeSite we hand pick the best choices of coffee labels by flying out to where they're are sourced. We only pick the best who have been treated correctly, taste the best and also gives farmers fair pay for their work. We have a great selection of fairtrade coffee's which guarntee's the farmers are not being ripped of by coffee brands. We only sell the coffee brands that we think are the best and our customers will enjoy.

This business hasn't just popped around the corner either, i started this hbusiness myself witha vision of bringing the world's best coffee together, all in one place for you, the customer's convenience and pleasure. We bring the world of coffee to you at great prices too. That's why we have been number #1 for many years and will continue to do so."

-Jim Bean (Founder of DemoCoffeeSite)